Sunday, February 17, 2013

Murder in Amish Country: A Plain Scandal

Amanda Flower's new Amish Country mystery, A Plain Scandal, made it's debut this week, and in celebration Amanda has shared some photos from her research trip with us. Look for her description below each photo.

She describes her Amish mysteries as, "witty suspense with hope," and I agree.

"This photo was taken in Holmes County Ohio. This horse is similar to Sparky, Grandfather Zook's horse in the series. Sparky is a major player in book two."

Here's the book blurb for A Plain Scandal (you can read the first chapter on Amanda's Facebook page, look for the Facebook link below):
The Amish in the quiet Appleseed Creek community are under attack. An unknown assailant is cutting off the long hair of Amish women and the beards of Amish men. Computer specialist, Chloe Humphrey, is alarmed over the crimes against the Amish and worries over how the events will impact the Troyer family, especially her housemate Becky and Becky’s older brother Timothy. Her anxiety increases when she discovers the body of an Amish businessman, who had been stabbed in the back and his beard cut off. Now, Chloe and her friends must find the culprit behind the hair-cutting before someone else pays the ultimate price.

"This is an Amish farm in Knox County Ohio. The series in set in Knox County and this what I imagine when I think of the Troyer farm."

A Plain Scandal is the second book in the series, so you may want to start with the first, A Plain Death...
An unlikely friendship between a high-tech woman and a runaway Amish girl leads to murder. Her first day in Appleseed Creek, Ohio, Chloe Humphrey, befriends Becky, an ex-Amish teenager looking for a new home. While driving Chloe’s car, Becky collides with a buggy, killing an Amish bishop in the process. The case moves from accident to murder when police reveal a cut brake line. Now, Chloe and Becky’s handsome brother, Timothy, must discover who the real intended victim is before the murderer makes a second attempt.

"This is an Amish plow team. Notice how the horses are bigger than the one in the previous photograph. Many Amish use retired racehorses to pull their buggies, but larger animals like these for the farm work. This was also take in Knox County, Ohio."

The third installment in the series comes out in September of 2013 and is called A Plain Disappearance...

It’s Christmastime in Amish Country, and Chloe Humphrey settles into her life in Appleseed Creek excited to see where her relationship with Timothy Troyer will lead. Unfortunately on her first official date with Timothy, the couple discovers the body of an Amish teenager Katie Lambright. Near the body, there is evidence that Timothy’s friend and auto mechanic Billy Thorpe is involved with the murder. The police reveal Billy is an escaped convict who has been living the last decade in Knox County under a stolen alias. Now, Chloe and Timothy must find Billy bring him to justice or prove his innocence.

"Food is very important in Amish fiction, so I have visited many Amish restaurants and bakeries. The Amish are famous for their pies."
"This last picture was taken in Sugarcreek, one of my very favorite Holmes County towns. It's only an hour and half from my home, so I go there often. This was take in February, and as you can see, the weather was awful. However, the Amish still have to go about their business. Bicycles are another main form of transportation for the Amish."

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