Sunday, November 27, 2016

Amish Christmas Traditions and Sour Cream Cookie Recipe

The amazingly prolific and USA Today author, Amanda Flower has written 10 Amish mystery novels (in two series, under two different names) and a novella, among her twenty books. Awhile back she shared a few things about how the Amish celebrate Christmas and took the time to share them with us here. We also have a great recipe for Amish Sour Cream Cookies at the end.

The Christmas Season is in full swing and the Amish are celebrating too. Christmas isn’t just for us English folks, and you may be wondering how the Amish celebrate Christmas.
Here are some quick facts about an Amish Christmas:

• The Amish don’t have Christmas trees, but they do decorate their homes with pine and greens from the garden.

• The Amish do exchange small gifts at Christmas. Many of these are handmade, but store bought gifts are becoming popular too

• A favorite Amish Christmas treat is flavored popcorn

• The day after Christmas, December 26th, is a holiday for Amish and for some Amish groups is called “Second Christmas.”

• The one-room school house will traditionally have a Christmas program for the children’s parents

• There is no Santa Claus in the Amish world. The focus of Christmas is on the birth of Christ

May you have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!

Amish Sour Cream Cookies

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