About Us & Review Policies

At Mystery Playground, we love books and we love to have fun. It takes a crazy bunch of people doing what they love to post here every day, plus a bevy of wonderful guest bloggers. 

Here's a rundown of the core team:

Deborah Lacy is Editor-in-Chief of Mystery Playground. Deborah's short crime fiction has appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery MagazineMystery Weekly MagazineDark Corners, the Bouchercon Anthology: Blood on the Bayou and Shhhh...Murder! 

Deborah also writes for MacMillian publishing's Criminal Element. By day, Deborah runs Storyteller Playground, to help businesses with their communications and storytelling. You can find her on Twitter @deblacy. 

Kerry Hammond is Mystery Playground's secret weapon, Book Reviewer Extraordinaire, Author Tracker, and overall Creative Genius. She has a story in the 2018 Malice Domestic Anthology, Murder Most Geographical. She is a lawyer by trade and also writes for Criminal Element. You can follow her on Twitter @KerryHammond88.

Sharon Long is a Book Reviewer Extraordinaire and a member of the Crime & Beyond Book Club. Her author Qs & As get straight to the heart of the writing. 

TK Starr is our undercover reviewer and blogger who pops-in from time to time. We don’t ask too many questions about her day job, but we think it concerns baking X-files and investigating chocolate chip cookies. She can sometimes be found, maybe, at TKStarrmysteries.com.

Pat Hernas is our Chief Librarian and a Recipe and Craft Consultant. She has a story coming out in the upcoming anthology SHHH...MURDER from Darkhouse Books. She is the genius behind the Mystery Playground coloring books pages.

Janet Kuchler is our Head Photographer and a Recipe and Craft Consultant, formerly of our Portland, Oregon office. Janet is now back in the Silicon Valley making Agatha Christie pillows.

Book Reviews

The team at Mystery Playground reviews books almost every week. We accept books from authors and traditional publishers for review, but after we receive a book, if one or all of us discovers that it isn't for us, we may not review it. When we get books from publishers, we say so in the review.

We review traditionally published crime fiction of all kinds. We love short stories and non-fiction about the history of the mystery genre. We also love the occasional cookbook, related to mystery or not. In general, we do not review true crime.

The best way to contact us is to send us a private message via the Mystery Playground Facebook page

Product Reviews

We sometimes do product reviews if the products are related somehow to books, mysteries or thrillers. 

If products are given to us free of charge, we declare it in the review.  

The best way to contact us is to send us a private message via the Mystery Playground Facebook page

Guest Blog Posts

Mystery Playground accepts guest posts from traditionally published authors, but you should get our agreement before you start writing. The best way to contact us is to send us a private message via the Mystery Playground Facebook page

Guest opportunities include:

Drinks with Reads - Our popular Friday feature matches a book with a drink (and recipe) and a photo of both together. Authors should talk about why the drink matches their book. Contact us on the Mystery Playground Facebook page via private message to learn more. 

Author Q&A - We run Q&A with traditionally published authors of all sorts of crime fiction. We send the questions and include a photo of your book and you.

You can find us on Twitter @mysteryplaygrnd.

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