Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making Notecards Out of Damaged Books

Making notecards out of damaged books is easy and fun. Unfortunately, damaged and unreadable books can be found almost anywhere - garage sales, library sales, and even used book stores. So, let's go...


- damaged book
- paper trimmer or scissors
- self-adhesive photo corners
- blank notecard

Step One:
Once you have your damaged book, slice away desired pages with the exacto knife.

Step Two:
Trim the image to the desired size. I use a Fiskar paper trimmer because it is fast and comes out perfect. My coordinated friends use scissors just fine.

Step Three:

Take the photos corners and put them on all four corners of the image. I find that it works best if you put all four corners around the image before sticking it to the note card.

Step Four:

Press your image with the self-adhesive photo corners onto the card. And you are done. Easy peasy!

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  1. Thanks. I will be looking at the library book sales with new eyes.