Sunday, May 19, 2013

Masterpiece Summer Schedule

PBS has announced their hot new Masterpiece schedule for summer, including old and new friends. Returning favorites are a little Morse-centric, which isn't a bad thing. They include Inspector Lewis, Endeavor and Foyle's War. Mr. Selfridge continues with great Jeremy Piven. I am enjoying this one. 

They are also re-running the 2010 David Suchet documentary on The Orient Express. If you didn't catch it back then it's well worth a re-watch.

New offerings include a three-part series called Silk, about a british lawyer named Martha Costello. Silk starts in late August. 

They are also running a new version of the Hitchcock classic, The Lady Vanishes (to read a review of the original movie and see a matching recipe, click here.)

Series 4 of Downton Abbey doesn't premiere until Jan 4th, but you can see a sneak peak interview with remaining cast members here. You'll notice that despite last weeks Twitter bomb, P Diddy is not joining the cast of Downton Abbey. It was just a little PR stunt.

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