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Major Crimes Facebook Chat with GW Bailey and James Duff

Major Crimes co-creator, James Duff, was back on Facebook tonight answering fans questions and this time he was joined by G.W. Bailey (Lt. Louis Provenza). Lt. Provenza is a fan favorite (me included). After all, it was his idea to leave a dead body in his garage so he and Flynn could take in a Dodger game in Sky Box seats. Great episode. Dodger fans unite. 

Let's start with my question which got answered this week even though it was more of a comment. 

James Duff - Deborah Lacy thanks G W for all his work with the Sunshine Kids - a group that brings children with cancer together for field trips, etc. - and congratulates him on his role as King Bacchus in Mardi Gras a year or two ago. G W says he brought Sunshine Kids with him to Mardi Gras, and he is only one person helping in that organization.
All of the people at Major Crimes regularly participate in making the Sunshine Kids successful.

The Sunshine Kids is a great organization and you can read more about them here (and you can purchase the Major Crimes Cookbook -- all proceeds go to benefit the foundation). 

For those of you who want to see GW in his role as Bacchus, those photos are here.

Major Crimes will return the Monday after Thanksgiving (December 1) for a winter run of nine episodes. 

As usual, I've removed any references to this episode or any spoilers (although I will say that Rusty's mom is totally out of control in this ep). Because of the volume of questions, only James Duff's answers are included below. 

He recaps the questions so you can track all of the action. 

Before we hit the rest of the recap I would like to thank James Duff for doing this chat with fans every week during the season and I would also like to thank GW and everyone who joined him. It was fun to watch and get our questions answered. 

And here's the recap...

James Duff Hello, everyone! I'm here with G.W. Bailey, more commonly called Lt. Provenza on Facebook. And we begin by saying we hope you enjoy our finale, and that we have so much appreciated all your kind attention this season.

James Duff Aj asks us what the most fun thing about shooting the show is. G.W. has instantly answered working with him is most fun thing about Major Crimes.

James Duff GW says my ideas are what he taught me, because he taught me acting when I was in high school.

James Duff I have my own ideas!

James Duff Crystal has suggested Provenza get a rich, age appropriate girl friend. G W thinks that is a brilliant idea, and wishes you were in the writer's room!

James Duff We already have a love interest for G W for this 
winter. And some of the things you suggested will be here.

James Duff We don't do a lot of violence on this show, as a rule. Tonight is a bit of an exception. Our score, by Jimmy Levine, is awesome!

James Duff This episode, in keeping with our finales, has a touch of horror to it. Michael M. Robin, who directed our action adventure episode this summer (with the helicopters and Fritz shooting the suspect) directs again
James Duff GW and Provenza both have children and grandchildren. And GW and Provenza both care a lot about Rusty. Graham and GW spend a lot of time together out in the world. And it tends to show up on screen.

James Duff george  hopes there will be more fatherly scenes between Rusty and Provenza where the guy is less gruff. We just did one. And we'll do more.

James Duff For all of you asking for more episodes, we're shooting them now, and they'll be on starting in late November through the first two weeks of January! So don't forget us.

James Duff Personally, I think he was wonderful in the hallway before Rusty testified, helping Graham tie his tie!
James Duff Corinne asks if G.W. has a favorite episode of Major Crimes. He insists he is good in all of them, but likes the episodes where he has most lines the best.

James Duff @MIchelle  asks if Provenza will retire, and notes she would be devastated if he did. G W says he will not devastate anyone as long as there's a breath in his body.

James Duff He has always had an amazing amount of charisma. And a great combination of confidence and skepticism.

James Duff He's also one of the smartest people you will ever meet.

James Duff G W forced me to write that!

James Duff The truth is, I never saw G W in a comedy until he went into television. And I can tell you for sure he was a dramatic actor, as anyone else who has seen him on stage can testify.

James Duff Dall asks if when he started his acting career, he knew comedy was a specialty for him. G.W. says he took the roles that were available to him!

James Duff Mary says she would love to see another Flynn & Provenza episode. We do at least one every year. And we have elements of that dynamic in others.

James Duff @Rhonda says she loves G.W.'s voice and that Provenza is her favorite character. G.W.'s says he loves hearing from someone with whom he so completely agrees!

James Duff @Melissa Will Rusty will ever be happy. That's a rather existential question for a procedural, but yes! I think, one day, after a lot of hard work, Rusty will eventually be happy. Maybe not all day every day, but mostly.

James Duff @Janaya asks if we will get any back story on Provenza this year. Yes, we will! G.W. is staring at me and demanding that I commit to this right now. Okay.

James Duff @Geri says that Provenza & Flynn remind her of the odd couple. G W says Geri is one of the few people who get the billing correct. Most people say Flynn & Provenza!

James Duff But they are an odd couple.

James Duff G.W. just noticed that the only photo on this conversation box is of me.

James Duff He's a little miffed.

(Let's fix that for G.W. on Mystery Playground...)
GW Bailey as Bachus flinging dubloons

James Duff @Denise whose name I have probably misspelled, asks why do so few episodes. Remember everyone, when the leaves begin to turn, we will be back for nine more episodes (around Thanksgiving).

James Duff Donna says they have to give him a love interest. He agrees and thanks you for volunteering.

James Duff Gwyn asks for another light murder with Tim Conway, Marion Ross, Doris Roberts, Ron Glass and Paul Dooley. Well. They are all under house arrest. We might be able to think of something. I can say, our whole cast was honored to have them as suspects!

James Duff Patti says she has loved G.W. since MASH. G.W loves you back!

James Duff @Jessie says she's ready for Provenza to have wife number six and marriage number seven.

James Duff He is ready for romance, G. W. says, but marriage is iffy. He reminds everyone that romance and marriage are different things.

James Duff He is going to meet someone unusual for him in episode 312.

James Duff @Tina  asks about our technical advisers. Gil Garcetti, former prosecutor for the Count of Los Angeles (for about 32 years!) and Det. Mike Berchem, retired, from the LAPD's Robbery/Homicide Division.

James Duff G W works very closely with Berchem to get his police moves exactly right.

James Duff And introduces Gil at every table read

James Duff Debbie wishes we had twenty-two episodes. We have nineteen, which is quite a lot, really, for cable. We just air them in two parts. Summer we do eleven. Winter we do nine.

James Duff Ilona notes that Provenza makes faces during scenes where Andy and Sharon talk about their time outside work together. And wonders if that is G.W. making the face or Provenza. It is both!

James Duff Jeanne is worried about Fritz and Brenda relationship 

James Duff But we're not!

James Duff Fritz and Brenda are not divorcing or anything even remotely like that. They are happily married - mostly - and they will remain so.

James Duff Pamela says the finale should be two hours. We all agree! But. Unfortunately. We can only do an hour!
James Duff Carolyn  asks if Sharon would ever date. Some people might say she was dating now. It all depends, I think, on whether you believe a man and a woman can be just friends.

James Duff G W and I thank you for joining us tonight for this hour.

James Duff We are really sorry to leave the air right now. But we will be back around Thanksgiving. Mondays at 9 pm. With nine new episodes to take you straight through the holidays

James Duff And from the rest of the cast and the writers and the producers and our fantastic crew, we thank you so much for staying in touch with us here. And helping to make Major Crimes a part of your summer.

James Duff And when your shopping for Thanksgiving, remember! We're back!

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