Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Walt Disney Family Museum: Mickey Mouse

One of my favorite museums in the Bay Area is the Walt Disney Family Museum. It's full of fun history of Walt, his family and the characters and stories we love. Naturally the collection contains plenty of that most famous of mice, Mickey. I've taken photos of some of my favorite Mickey items in the museum and posted them below.

Mickey's original name was supposed to be Mortimer, but Walt's wife Lillian didn't think it was a likable enough so she suggested Mickey. Walt listened to his wife. Smart man. You can see the first known drawing of Mickey Mouse below. 

I love these old stuffed Mickeys. 

This shriner hat is also very fun. 

We have here Mickey watches, a folding knife and a jewelry set with the cutest Mickey glove purse made from metal. The purse is showing it's age a bit, but it's still cool. 

Here are some wonderful Mickey wind up toys. I was getting a little creative with the black and white setting on the smart phone camera.

This is really only a fraction of the wonderful Mickey items at the museum. You really need to go there for yourself. It's in a beautiful location in San Francisco's Presidio and it has a beautiful view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Deborah! I'm in southern CA and have been to Disneyland numerous times. I think the museum would be more to my liking. I love all things retro.

    1. If you love retro, you'll love the Walt Disney Family Museum.

  2. I wear my MM watch purchased at least 25 years ago every once in awhile.

    1. Barbara - that is so fun. I love Mickey Mouse watches.