Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crafty Thursdays: Book Safe

Kerry Hammond is making really fun upcycled book safes for Crafty Thursdays....

Today’s craft is not only a cool craft, but it’s practical too (and very simple). I will show you how to make a safe out of a book. You can put it on your bookshelf to hide your valuables, or, you can also use it for a savings account for something special. I put money into mine whenever I remember, and before I know it I have enough to buy something special. Last year is was a spa day with my friend.

Mystery Book (remove paper cover while creating the craft and replace when finished)
Exacto knife
Glue Gun
Mod Podge

Optional Materials

Step 1 – Cutting out your book pages
Choose the size you want your opening to be. You want to leave enough at the edges to make the sides of the safe opening. The larger the book, the larger the pages. So if you want to be able to put cash inside and not fold it, choose a larger book accordingly. Using the exact knife, start cutting into the pages in a rectangle. You might want to start a few pages in, so if someone just opens the cover, they still think it’s a book (although the fact that the pages are all glued together may tip them off). Only cut a few at a time, or you’ll give yourself blisters pushing so hard. Keep those pages you cut and remove, there are lots of Mystery Playground crafts that call for book pages. Only cut into the book about ¾ of the way. You need to leave pages and not cut into the back cover of the book. 

Step 2 – Sealing the Pages
Using Mod Podge and a paintbrush, brush the outsides of the book pages and the inside 4 walls of your safe so that the pages stay together. Let dry overnight and if there are any loose areas, repeat.

Step 3 – Lining with Felt
This step is optional. If you’re just putting cash inside your safe, you may be happy with just the book interior. If you’re going to put jewelry inside, you might want a soft felt lining. Measure your safe opening as well as the depth of the opening. The measurement needs to account for setting the felt inside and then also covering the insides of the opening with the felt. Cutting the corners out helps the felt not bunch up in the corners. Using a hot glue gun (or Elmers glue) glue the felt into the opening.

There you have it, start putting your valuables inside and store on your bookshelf.


  1. I have one of these made by Kerry. They are the best!!

  2. Unfortunately when you do this, you must remember which book it is!