Monday, April 27, 2015

GM Ford: Wanda Fuca and Threshold

If you ever get the chance to hear GM Ford speak in person, go. Just go. You won't stop laughing. While his books are a little more dark, that underpinning of irony seeps from his pages, with characters you want to root for, and beg them to stay out of trouble.

The first GM Ford book that I ever read was a little known gem called, Who the Hell is Wanda Fuca? 

Ford lives in the Seattle area and if you look at a map of the surrounding area, you'll see the Straight of Juan De Fuca. This is where GM found the title for that book.

So when I heard that he had a new book coming out, called Threshold, I jumped to read it. 

This is a new series, with a new detective - Mickey Dolan. I must admit that name made me think of one of the band members of the Monkees - Micky Dolenz. But Ford's character is really nothing like the 60s TV show wonder. He's more an intense fighting-the-world-type who's willing to put his career on the line to go after politicians who can destroy him. And his wife just dumped him and he's more than a little lost personally. 

Dolan faces a moral dilemma between being a perfect cop and doing the right thing. Without giving too much away, Dolan finds himself distinguishing between being a cop and doing the right thing.   

Threshold returns us to the solid moral compass themes of the mystery/thriller past that are often absent in today's best sellers. If you like solid characters who have to make tough choices, fast-paced plotting and well drawn characters, you'll love GM Ford's latest.

And if you get a chance you'll also want to pick up Who the Hell is Wanda Fuca?

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  1. Oh my gosh I love that Wanda Fuca title! Just knowing the story behind the title makes me want to pick it up right now.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this latest from Ford. Thanks for being a part of the tour!