Saturday, October 24, 2015

Armida Poizin, The Wine to Die For

We recently went wine tasting in the Healdsberg region of California Wine Country and came across a wonderful and fun wine called Poizin (Zin and in Zinfandel) from the Armida winery. The wine comes is a regular edition with a simple label, or you can get the reserve Poizin with an engraved label, a dripping blood wax seal and its own wooden coffin. It's the perfect wine for Halloween - or a mystery blog.

There's even a little story to go along with the wine...

And if you have too much Poizin, you can always save yourself by drinking another one of their wines called The Antidote. 

If you visit in person, don't forget to pack a picnic. They have a lovely outdoor picnic spot by a man-made lake. 


  1. Dang, too bad my MIL moved to Texas from the Bay Area a couple of years ago. No more ready-made reason to go out there. But it's on my itinerary for my next trip out thereto CA, whenever it may be. :O)

  2. This is so clever, were the glasses etched? So cool!