Monday, November 2, 2015

Major Crimes Facebook Chat Recap with James Duff and Phillip Keene

This evening Major Crimes returned for an eight-episode fall season tonight on TNT. Executive Producer, James Duff, went on Facebook as he usually does when the show is in season, to answer fans questions. Tonight he was joined by actor Phillip Keene, who plays Buzz. 

Here's the recap of James answers. As always, I've just included James' answers here since he encapsulates the question in his responses. There were many references to tonight's episode while it ran on the East Coast. I've removed any of those specific references from the recap just in case you haven't seen the episode yet.
Welcome back Major Crimes

James Duff Hey everyone! Welcome back! Here we go with the second part of season four!

James Duff Hey Ilona Arcari asks what we can expect this autumn from the show. There are going to be some murders...Hope I didn't give away anything. Also, there will be more issues with Provenza and Patrice, Sanchez discovers more about the roots of his anger, Buzz starts reserved detective training and Andy and Sharon...And remember, we have an additional five episodes after the autumn eight that run in February.

James Duff Trust is the theme of our next eight episodes. Tonight, we start with trust that the system we've created - whatever it is - will work.

James Duff  Linda K inquires if Rusty will be doing videos during this season. Yes, Rusty's video show, Identity, returns with eight more episodes. These will focus on Slider, the killer of Mariana Wallace, aka Alice Herrera, aka Jane Doe #38.

James Duff  Jen W asks if we'll have more BuzzFlynnza fun this summer. Not an entire episode. But you can expect moments of irritation flung at Buzz by Provenza, for sure.

James Duff Deborah Lacy asks what has been the biggest creative result of having worked on Major Crimes. For me, it has been the discipline necessary to produce as well as the delight from the act of writing. Learning that the two are intertwined, and that I must do both as well as I can do be good at either was a huge revelation. Phillip says his biggest creative lesson he has learned has been figuring out how NOT to act, but to BE. And, he adds, he's learned so much over the last twelve seasons that narrowing it down to one thing would be very hard.

James Duff We do have eight episodes running in a row this autumn, and then five in February. It's a five-parter! One story over five episodes. The main difference between the two seasons is the emphasis on character. Because the winter is in the middle of so much live competition, we know we are only doing these episodes for our hard core viewers. And we want them to have character stories as well as good mysteries.

James Duff Want to add that we have great guest stars tonight. And are lucky to be working with such talented actors on a weekly basis. We depend very heavily on the reservoir of great talent here in Los Angeles (and around the country). Some people to look for as the season unwinds, Tom Berenger returns next week as Sharon's ex-husband, Jack. And then, in the middle of our run, Greg Rikaart appears. Plus we have the amazing and brilliant and Garrett Coffey.

James Duff To those of you asking about Season Five of Major Crimes, I can only say I am told it's under negotiation. I wish I could tell you it was absolutely, positively, one hundred percent for sure. But I can't say that.

James Duff Joseph M D asks Phillip how he likes working this season as opposed to last year. Phillip likes this season the best so far (because he's had a lot more to do!).

James Duff Kathy G asks why we have to do these Facebook chats while the show is on. I have no idea!

James Duff Vicki N compliments the writers! We can only point out how intelligent and discriminating her tastes appear to be!!!!! Thank you, Vicki! Not coincidentally, they also go out together a lot as friends.

All the actors sometimes have scenes trimmed or left on the "cutting room floor" because we have to fit in a format. Keene says he has phantom memories of all his cut lines.

James Duff How do we keep the show fresh after all of these years? Working seven days a week! But we love it!

James Duff Hope you enjoy the rest of the show! We're working very hard to make the rest of the autumn great for you.

James will be back next week on the Major Crimes Facebook page at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern answering fans questions once more. 

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