Thursday, January 28, 2016

Crafty Thursday: Wine Charms

Kerry Hammond is here on Crafty Thursday to show us how to make wine charms.

This craft is probably one of the easiest you can make, but allows for a maximum amount of creativity because you can use so many different beads and charms.

Wine Charm Rings (Etsy sells these)
Needle nose pliers
Jump Rings

Ok, the wine is optional, but way more fun that way. After all, you’re making charms and will need to try them out on a glass.

Step One:
Using your charms and beads, arrange them on your wine ring any way you like. The jump rings are helpful when a charm sits wrong and needs the ring to change its direction (like my globe).

Step Two: 
Put on wine glass and enjoy.

They make great gifts because you can tailor the designs to fit the person you’re giving them to. If your friend loves to travel, use charms like this Eifel Tower one.

I am also a Steampunk fan, and some of my charms reminded me of Steampunk designs. And notice the book hanging from the scrabble tile.

Once you've mastered these you could try our Scrabble tile wine markers made from real board game pieces or Agatha Christie book cover wine charms

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