Monday, August 1, 2016

Game Review: Whodunit

The Game is Afoot, well not that game... WHODUNNIT. Kerry Hammond is here to tell us about another game in her collection of mystery-themed board games.

I love board games, and whenever possible I like to combine this with my love of mysteries. My latest find in the mystery board game realm is called Whodunit.

About the Game
Whodunit was created in 1985 by Selchow & Righter Company. In it, the players snoop through a mansion, searching for clues that will identify possible suspects to the crime. Each player tries to outsmart his/her opponents and be the first to discover "Whodunit."

The Premise
“Lord Edward Peter Percival Pembrook, second Earl of Strathwyke, has been found murdered by the hand of an unknown assailant at his country estate in Brimfield. Rich, powerful and domineering, he was loved and respected—or feared and despised—by those who knew him. At the time of the murder, there were ten other occupants in the mansion. Any one of these individuals could have committed the crime.”

The Play
The players move through the mansion, learning the clues on the board in order to narrow down a weapon, motive, suspect and scene of the crime. Players also pursue the alibis of the other players in order to determine which suspects, weapons, and motives were not part of the crime. Using a detective sheet, the players record the clues and alibis they see throughout the game.

The object of the game is to solve the four questions: What was the MOTIVE? Where was the SCENE of the crime? What was the murder WEAPON? Which SUSPECT is guilty, or……WHODUNIT?

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  1. This sounds great, along the premise of Clue.

  2. Hey, how come we've never played this?

  3. Well, wait: What's the verdict here? How does it compare to Clue? Would you recommend us tracking this down? Curious minds want to know!

  4. I have this game in my collection as well and have never played it. I think the main reason for this is that I have no one to play with (and isn't that just pathetically sad?). Someone needs to form a Mystery Game group and we need to have get-togethers where people of like mind can actually play the games in their collections! Great post.