Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Read Along with Greg Iles

The third book in one of our favorite trilogies is coming out this April, so when we heard there was going to be an international read along of the first two books to prepare for the launch of the third, we had to participate. 

The trilogy is Greg Iles' Natchez trilogy and the read along starts today with the first book, Natchez Burning. Set in Natchez, Mississippi this book delves into family secrets, honor, loyalty, blood, and corruption. It's a page turner and worth every turn. I couldn't put it down, and my mom couldn't put it down. You can find our original review here.  

If you want to get a taste of the book before you jump in, check out the excerpt.

Or you can watch this interview with Greg about the book:

Here's the reading guide for Natchez Burning if you want to take a look or use it for your book club. 

Here's the read along schedule:

Book 1: Natchez Burning - Today - September 19th

Book 2: The Bone Tree - September 13th - October 6th

Come on back August 31st when we will be giving away a special giveaway associated with the read along. We will also be talking about the book on Twitter @mysteryplaygrnd and Facebook. 


  1. Greg Isles is a great writer and I can never put his books down!

  2. I have always loved Greg Isles books for years! So is very exciting.