Sunday, September 4, 2016

Holiday Guide: Mystery Games

When choosing the perfect gift for the mystery lover on your list, consider a mystery-themed game. Kerry Hammond shows us her four favorites.

As everyone prepares their holiday gift lists, I thought I would remind our Mystery Playground readers of a few games that would make great gifts for any mystery lover. I've reviewed more than 20 games, but I’ve picked my four top choices in case you are looking for a mystery gift for the holidays. 

1) Whodunit, Mystery Detective Game - This game is similar to Clue. Players move about a mansion that was once owned by Lord Edward Peter Percival Pembrook, the second Earl of Strathwyke. In addition to determining the culprit, weapon, and location of the crime, players must also search through the alibis supplied by the players and determine a motive.

2) Spy Alley is another favorite. It even has a dice game version that's perfect to take on a trip. A throwback to the cold war, this game revolves around outwitting each spy by collecting passwords, disguises, code books and keys from different countries across the globe. The game allows players to create a strategy to outwit their opponents.

3) Simply Suspects is a game of survival. Each player travels the board trying to determine the identity of the other players while attempting to keep their own identity a secret. This game works best in a group of four or more players, so it a perfect choice for a family game night.

4) Master Criminals is primarily a card game, so also a great choice for travel. Each player questions the others to determine the Who, Why, How and Where of the crime—all the while taking notes on their Investigation Pad. The first player to guess all four aspects of the crime correctly is the winner.

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