Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Review: House. Tree. Person. by Catriona McPherson

Award winning author Catriona McPherson has another fabulous novel of suspense out this week ... This one is called House. Tree. Person. I can't wait to read it. Let's see what Kerry Hammond has to say about this newly released book.

House. Tree. Person. by Catriona McPherson was released on in hardcover this week by Midnight Ink. I have loved all of McPherson’s books, from her Dandy Gilver mystery series to her standalone novels. Her stories are always wonderfully entertaining and I look forward to the next one, planning for a few sleepless nights as I read straight through to the end.

House. Tree. Person. follows Ali McGovern, a woman whose life has taken a disappointing turn. Both her husband’s and her business have failed and they have moved into subpar housing with their teenage son. When a job opens up at a local psychiatric hospital, her husband convinces her to apply for the position even though she is grossly underqualified and has to fudge experience on her CV to get the job. Right after she starts work, a body is found in the Abbey across the street from her home. Her son is keeping secrets, she's lied to get her job, and some of the doctors at the hospital are acting extremely suspicious. All the while, Ali is hearing things that aren’t even there.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Lee Child and Jack Reacher fan. But when you pick up a Jack Reacher book you know exactly what you're in for: Jack is going to arrive in some small town, kicking butt and taking names. When you pick up a Catriona McPherson book, you have absolutely no idea what to expect, other than it will be great. You don't know what weird characters or creepy story line she will have thought up in her brilliantly creative mind, but you will be along for one hell of a ride.

House. Tree. Person. was full of twists and turns and the end was a whirlwind of surprise. Her characters were very real and very interesting (let's face it, some of them are also very creepy). I tried really hard to put the book down but couldn't because I needed to know where it was going. It was a really great read.

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  1. Thanks for this review. Can't wait to read it.