Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bloody Snowflake Ornament

It's Christmas in July here at Mystery Playground and we are working on our Miss Marple themed tree. This week's ornament is the bloody snowflake inspired by Agatha Christie's Sittaford Mystery

When a group holds a seance in a remote house in Dartmoor, the spirits spell out that Captain Trevelyan has been murdered, but the only way to find out if it's true or not is to cover the six snow-covered miles to his house. 

These Bloody Snowflakes and easy and inexpensive to make.

Set of Ceramic Snowflakes
Red Craft Paint
Latex Glove or Paint Brush

If using matte, unpainted snowflakes:
White Craft Paint
Clear Coat Gloss Spray

Step One: Paint Your Snowflakes
If you start with the snowflake ornaments that are already painted white and glossy, you can skip this step. If you start with the matte, unpainted version, paint your snowflakes with white craft paint. Paint both sides but allow to dry before turning. Then, spray each side with your glossy spray, again allowing to dry before turning.

Step 2: Apply Blood Spatter
You can use a brush to apply the red paint to the outside of the ornaments, but I put on a latex or rubber glove, set the ornaments on a piece of cardboard, poured paint over my gloved hand, and flicked the paint onto the ornaments to look like blood spatter. If you want to do both sides, allow the first side to dry completely before turning and repeating this step.

Step 3: Attach Ornament Hanger
You can use a decorative hook or red ribbon to hang the ornaments. I went with hooks.

Come back next week for more Christmas in July with Miss Marple. 

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