Friday, July 20, 2018

Cocktails with Gray Basnight

Gray Basnight joins us today to match his new book, Flight of the Fox with the perfect drink - the Fox Run. Published by Down & Out Books, the book is out this week...

High-tech surveillance…predatory drones…a government gone wild…and an everyman hero converge in FLIGHT OF THE FOX, a run-for-your-life political thriller. 

Whew…hey bartender, c’mon down here, so I can order a Fox Run after reading that new book by Basnight.                                                 

     It’s the summer of 2019 and college professor Sam Teagarden, who was born at the Woodstock Music Festival, is relaxing on his deck in the town of Bethel, New York where the historic concert took place 50 years ago.  After a clerk at the FBI e-mails him a decades-old encoded document, a cluster of mini-drones suddenly appears, apparently programmed to kill him.

     That begins a terrifying flight down the East Coast as Teagarden must outfox teams of hitmen equipped with high-tech weaponry.  While a fugitive, he gradually decodes the file, only to realize the dreadful truth.  The file is the reason he’s being hunted.  It reveals dark crimes committed by the FBI during the 20th Century.  
     If he survives and publishes the decoded document, he’ll be a heroic whistleblower.  But there is no guarantee.  He may also end up dead.  

Passages from Flight of the Fox: 
He knew the pages would be historic if made public.  It would be a mean revelation that many would prefer to leave hidden, to keep the past cloaked in beguiling innocence. 
The very thing that makes this country great is the will to allow truths to be told.  All truths.  Including truths that reflect back at us with toxic radiation.
     The Fox Run is the perfect cocktail for this novel.  Named for Flight of the Fox, it’s made with Silver Fox Vodka, mixed with Key Lime juice in honor of Key West, scene of the climactic ending and a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the wonderfully tart sub-tropical lime.  It also has a delicate splash of grenadine, a blood-like reminder of those who lost their lives during the fugitive’s flight.  And, for the pièce de résistance, the Fox Run cocktail is garnished with a marijuana leaf in memory of Woodstock, the music festival where the central character was born during those historic three-days of peace, music…and Maryjane.  

The Fox Run
-       4 cl Silver Fox Vodka  
-       1 cl Key lime juice   
-  Spoonful of sugar
-  Mix and pour into tall glass with plenty of ice
-       Dabble top w/ splash of grenadine
-       Garnish with a marijuana leaf

     While sipping your Fox Run, offer up a toast to the characters in Flight of the Fox who help Sam Teagarden during his struggle to decrypt a file that will alter U.S. history.

You can find Gary Basnight on Facebook or on Twitter: @graybasnight

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