Friday, July 5, 2019

Heart of Barkness and the La Paloma

Dog lovers rejoice! Today our guest on Drinks with Reads is Spencer Quinn, author of the Chet and Bernie mysteries guessed it. He's paired his most recent book with the La Paloma. Curious about both, well read on...

Heart of Barkness is a Chet and Bernie mystery. Bernie is the detective and Chet, his pal, narrates the story – think Holmes and Watson. But don’t overdo the comparison. Chet is a dog. Not a talking dog! Not a human in a dog suit! He’s a narrating dog and as purely canine as I can make him.

The case concerns a country singer named Lotty Pilgrim, who was somewhat famous long ago. Something dreadful went wrong in those early years, a violent, crushing event Lotty has misunderstood all her life. Chet and Bernie start looking into her past, an investigation that takes them down to the Arizona/Mexico border. This is a beautiful, harsh country, full of sunshine but somehow not sunny, and very hot for much of the year. So how about a tequila drink of the non-sweet kind to cool one down? The La Paloma is nice, especially if you like grapefruit, which I do. Paloma is the dove, symbol of peace, in this case, the peace Chet and Bernie try to bring to Lotty’s life – and indeed into the lives of all their clients. The tequila drink is for Bernie, of course. Chet’s drink, as he points out from time to time, is water, preferably cold and fresh, so I’ve added some ice cubes to his bowl.

Here’s a simple recipe for La Paloma:
  •  2 oz. tequila
  • one half ounce lime juice
  • pinch of salt
  • grapefruit soda

Pour the mixture in a tall glass, add ice, stir, drink. Repeat.

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