Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear J.J. Abrams: You Owe Me Some Answers

One of my regular TV shows got cancelled.  It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, but it is particularly frustrating when a show gets cancelled without preparation -- leaving character arcs and plot points dangling in the ether.

I guess I should be relived that my other favorite shows, Castle, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones have all been renewed (although Sherlock series 3 won’t even start filming until 2013 and there is no scheduled US air date yet which is extremely vexing.) But I still want to know what happened. I deserve to know what happened and so do the other 4.5 million viewers who watched the finale with me.

Many of my friends won’t watch a show until its second or third season because of the mid-story cancellation threat, and it makes it harder and harder for new and especially creative shows to succeed.  I lost the US version of Life on Mars after only one season, but ABC let them wrap it up, so at least I know what happened even it was accelerated.

Yes, there problems with the show that I am talking about -- Alcatraz-- sloppy detective work and storyline issues, but I still liked it.

J.J. clearly didn’t want Alcatraz cancelled – he was a producer, but he still owes me.  So I’ll ask the questions, and J.J., you just go ahead and write the answers down in the comment section below.

1) Why were inmates from Alcatraz circa 1963 coming back to modern day San Francisco? How did they stay so young? Who sent them?

2) Was Tommy Madsen a good guy? Did he really have no feelings for his granddaughter?

3) Was Rebecca’s partner corrupt? Why did Tommy kill him?

It’s just a few questions and I did watch Alias through all five seasons, even after the Rambaldi storyline went crazy. Besides, you have the answers, right J.J.? 

PS - If you are not J.J. Abrams and you want to check if your favorite shows have been renewed you can do so here.  


  1. There are SO many shows which have been cancelled which should not have been...NO- let me correct that- which were travesty cancellations! Alcatraz, Alias, Touch, Agent X, Legends, Rubicon, The Player, Person of Interest, the REAL 24, Spooks (MI-5) and a plethora of other series' which all hold one common denominator- intelligence, i.e., they require cerebral activity on the part of the creators, writers and viewers. I know not what this says about our society but I do know this- it's not good and portends a pattern which will not be in the best interest of excellence in series viewing. And this, while a multitude of mindless, time and brain-wasting sitcoms, "reality" (what a misnomer) shows and other foolish, knuckleheaded shows continue to pollute the airwaves. I am shocked that none of the series' cited above have not re-emerged on cable or at least streaming networks. Total foolishness!