Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book to Screen: Game of Thrones and Catch 22

Doesn't Jeoffrey look like the devil here?

I haven't read George R. Martin's Game of Thrones, but I'm beginning to think I need to if I want to keep watching the HBO series. And I do want to keep watching. This season had episode after episode of great moments:

  • Ayrn verbally sparring with Tywin, and making friends with Jacqin (hands down the best)
  • Tyrion's rise and then fall, just after he became courageous and did "the right thing" and now his determination to stick it out in Kings Landing, despite the murder attempt and downgrade, because he needs the challenge to rise again - talk about your family issues. The Lannister's define dysfunction.
  • Daenerys' trek with her baby dragons (although her storyline was more present and interesting in season one)
  • Sansa's growth into womanhood and negotiating the perils of Kings Landing, and especially the Queen
  • Anyone getting the best of Joffrey at anything at any time

But there was so much in the season finale that I didn't "get". Like what really happened at Winterfell and what was going on North of the Wall. I wasn't even really sure at first that Daenerys was in the Iron Throne room. I didn't know the significance of Baelish being given Harrenhal. I could have let it go, but I like to know things. I'm funny that way.

I know what a tremendous challenge it must be to adapt books so the show can appease the books fans while making sure those new to the story, like me, are entertained.

Martin is involved in the writing, which is great, and I know that TV budgets can only go so far and sometimes you have to save your money for one battle and not show another -- so I'm not complaining really.  Game of Thrones has a huge budget for TV but trade offs must be made. I went online and devoured the recaps in my need to learn more. By making me want more, the writers have succeeded.  I'm motivated to start reading the books, but then face the challenge of stopping after the first two so that I don't spoil season three. But then if I don't read the third book, I may find myself a little lost in season three.

It's quite a little Catch 22...

She's a lot tougher than she looks.

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  1. You should definitely read the books -- they're a good read and provide a lot more context for what's happening with the TV show. I wouldn't stop with the first two -- just read them all!