Monday, September 24, 2012

25c Dell Paperbacks

I love everything about the old 25c Dell paperbacks. The sensational cover art. The maps on the back. The yellowed pages. The great stories. I collect the old paperbacks even if they are stained, torn, or have ripped binding. It just shows how much they were read and loved. For some reason I don't love the covers of the novels after they raised the price past 25c. They just aren't as fun. Take a look at some of my favorite Dell 25 centers...

This is one of my favorites. Look at this cover and notice the shadow of the devil behind the woman's face.

This particular book has a fabulous map on the back of the "Murder Apartment." I certainly don't want to live in the murder apartment, although it is huge and in an excellent location.

The maps on the back are so much fun.

What a great title for a book.  I'd be afraid to walk up those stairs too.

Love the falling bridge in this first edition. 

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