Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Five Mysterious Series to Put on the Netflix List

The brilliant thing about TV today is that if you miss an episode or an entire series, you can catch up online somewhere -- on Hulu or Netflix or iTunes. In the olden days if you weren't home on Friday night, you missed the Partridge Family (was it really on on Friday night? I don't remember.) Anyway, here are five Netflix crime series picks you might want to put on your list if you missed them.

1) Alias - Jennifer Garner plays Sydney Bristow, a spy who works for the bad guys but thinks she works for the good guys. Until she figures it out, but then she has to figure out what side her parents are on. The first two seasons are fabulous. You won't want to stop watching. The Rimbaldi thing gets a little strange as the show evolves.

2) Chuck - A campy spy story about a nerd that works at a Best Buy-type place called the Buy More who accidentally turns his brain into a super computer. And the pair of geek workers at the Buy More -- Jeff and Lester are too rich to be missed.  

3) BBC's Robin Hood - This take on the old robbing the rich to give to the poor classic is absorbing and at time's gut wrenching. The Sheriff makes a good enemy, Maid Marion is much more resourceful and interesting than in the original tale and I'd follow this Robin of Locksley anywhere.

4) Twin Peaks - A young teenage girl, Laura Palmer, is murdered in unique Twin Peaks and the murder is investigated but the most fabulous FBI Special Agent that ever lived. Or maybe he's just the quirkiest. The characters on this show are so different and unique, it makes this show stellar. You may or may not be pleased with how the series ends, but spending time with Special Agent  Dale Cooper and the Log Lady will make it all right.

5) Life on Mars - A story about a detective who time teleports back to the 1970's. There is only one season from ABC that was shown in the states and the end was hastily put together after it was cancelled. Even with all that I loved the episodes they did make. Just watching Detective Sam Tyler trying to figure out 1970s technology is worth it. The UK version is also very good. (Jason O'Mara currently stars in the CBS freshman show, Vegas on Tuesday nights. I can't wait for each new episode. You can read my review of the season so far on Criminal Element here.

What are your favorite old series that I may have missed?

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