Thursday, November 1, 2012

Writing a Novel in a Month

November is National Write a Novel in a Month, lovingly nicknamed, "Nanowrimo." The game is writing 50K in a month which is actually not enough for true novel length, but it is wonderful way to get a lot of fiction written without second guessing yourself or worry about the quality of the writing. Because you don't have time. In order to write 1667 words per day (a rough average), as Nemo's friend Dory likes to say, you have to "Keep swimming, just keep swimming."

I also like to write an extra two hundred a day for the first week or two so I can take a day off at some point and it doesn't destroy me.

I've have only finished once since 2005, but it's OK. I get more writing done and that's the important thing. The expert boards are a fabulous resource. The write ins are productive. I find Word Wars particularly helpful - pitting yourself against a fellow writing for a specific period of time and seeing you can write more words. Even if I get so behind I can't catch up, I start fresh the next day and write the 1667. Yes, it needs a lot of editing when you get done, but it's fun.

You need to sign up at the nano website to fully participate. There isn't a cost although they do take donations.

If you are tackling Nanowrimo this year, come find me in Nano land. The handle is Debs.

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