Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifties for Your Favorite Sherlockian

Wondering what to get your favorite Sherlockian for the holidays? Well, look no further. We've compiled everything a true Sherlock fan needs, starting with the official deerstalker hat from the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221 Baker Street in London (above). 

I love this teacup found here on Etsy and what is a Sherlock tea cup without specialty Sherlock teas.... 

The Adagio Tea Company has come up with a series of teas inspired by the BBC version of Sherlock. They have a full range of themes from John Watson to Sherlock Blend to Reichenbach Recovery. No one is left out - Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade and Molly all have their own. The Mycroft Blend has actual chocolate chips in it. It's super yummy.  

This fabulous tea/coffee pot would work well in any Sherlockian home, although Mrs. Hudson might try to shine it up a bit, Sherlock wouldn't let her. You can find it here at Henry Road.

An iPhone case for the BBC Sherlock, "I Believe in Sherlock Holmes."

And who among us doesn't need a pair of Sherlock high-top sneakers (also found on Etsy).

This is a fabulous bracelet showing the blueprints of 221b Baker Street, found here on Etsy

What about a nice vintage handcuff key for your favorite Sherlockian? These are from Henry Road.

Of course the ultimate gift for any Sherlockian is a trip to London to visit 221 b Baker Street, visit the Sherlock Pub and to see other sites from the stories. You can read all about my Sherlock tour of London here

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