Friday, February 8, 2013

New Orleans: Royal Street

One of the problems and/or benefits of growing up so close to Disneyland is that you fall in love with beautiful Disney copies of fabulous originals. 

Disneyland's New Orleans Square in all it's beautiful glory, is still only a copy of the French Quarter of New Orleans, although I didn't realize it until I was an adult. In an odd way, I think that's why I feel at home in New Orleans and particularly on Royal Street.
Before the French Quarter was French, it was Spanish. Royal Street was called Calle Real

Royal Street is filled with antique stores filled with old furniture, vintage Mardi gras beads, jewlery and stories.

You never know what treasure you are going to find on Royal Street. It may be a peacock lamp with lots of crystals adorning the fan (no, I didn't buy this, it was cost prohibitive, but I have gotten a lot of enjoyment from the photo above). Or a first edition copy of Alice in Wonderland signed by Alice Liddell Hargreaves (no, I didn't buy this one either, but they let me look at it up close because I am a big Alice fan.) 

There are plenty of antique stores and new shops to look around in and some say this is one of the most expensive streets in the world. But it's also one of the most fascinating. You can read all about it's history here. No wonder Walt Disney chose this street to copy for Disneyland and to place the secret and private restaurant, Club 33 (more on this in a future post).

So what can you find on Royal Street?

At 417 Royal Street you will find Brennan's the restaurant that created Bananas Foster (You've never tried Bananas Foster? What are you waiting for? It's amazing...)

At 613 Royal Street is Court of the Two Sisters. This brunch restaurant, while granted is a wee bit pricey, has an excellent jazz brunch buffet that let's you soak in the New Orleans jazz as you sample every NOLA traditional dish you've heard of, and some you haven't.

At 1036 Royal Street you'll find Kabuki Design Studio, a veritable playground of hats.

I guess the real question is what can't you find on Royal Street.

Never know what you'll find on Royal

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  1. You mean the Alice book didn't mysteriously find its way into your purse?