Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Oscars: Dispatches from the Red Carpet

Today our guest blogger is Emily Fox, who is in Los Angeles to provide us a behind the scenes look at the Oscars, the Dolby Theater and Red Carpet happenings. 

Beautiful sunrise on Oscar Sunday!

It's a beautiful day in Hollywood - awesome weather for Oscars Sunday. As the day begins I can hear helicopters circling the Dolby Theatre overhead, getting early views of the red carpet in its final readiness. 

As a newbie to this experience, I'm both excited and a bit anxious to see how this all goes. It will surely be surreal to see the stars in all their glory in person, albeit from a distant seat in the bleachers, and to continuously pinch myself as a reminder that this isn't TV. 

As I prepare all my gear to carry into the red carpet area, I'm concerned that I'll forget something, as there is no leaving once you arrive - until the last Oscars guests are in the Theatre. 

These are real roses surrounding Oscar and the scent is amazing. 

And then there is the question of whether the clothes I brought to wear are not only appropriate, but will be either warm enough or cool enough to be comfortable while sitting outside for 7 or 8 hours. Time will tell....10:30 is my call time to get credentials and to be ushered into the bleachers area along the red carpet -- and then this all goes from surreal to real. 

This is one of about 20 life-size Oscars along the red carpet, from inside the mall looking out to where the stars will turn the corner to head into the Theatre. This is the back side of the curtain you'll see on the front of the bldg under the Dolby Theatre sign. The white on the floor is plastic covering the red carpet. Behind me is a long walkway w/ more of these statues lining the red carpet up to the staircase that leads into the Theatre.


  1. So Emily - who was your favorite actor/actress to see? Who was dressed the best?

  2. Emily, thanks for a look at stuff we would never see. I am always more interested in preparations and backstage stuff than actual events. Nice job.