Sunday, March 17, 2013

Once Upon a Time: Welcome to Storybrooke

The Once Upon A Time prop book on display at Disney's California Adventure theme park
Tonight we got to see Storybrooke and Regina right after the curse was enacted in 1983. And we found out more information about the mysterious stranger in town.

The episode started out with Regina waking up on the first morning of the curse in grey silk pjs. Her first order of business - looking out the window into her new cursed made up "town." The second order of business - running to her closet and checking out the clothes yielded from Rumple's curse. The clothes didn't look particularly 8os fashionable, although they were pretty classic. Honestly, it was hard to imagine Regina getting excited by a black sleeveless Breakfast at Tiffany's sheath after her Evil Queen over the top glitz wardrobe in fairy tale land, but I guess even an Evil Queen has to adapt. Apparently the curse on fairytale land that made all the characters modern and mortal, took the Evil Queen's fashion sense and turned her into Jacqueline Kennedy. That's a pretty big curse. And even thought she "won," the poor Evil Queen wasn't happy after everyone was her amnesia driven puppets. Oh, poor Evil Queen.

As the show progresses, we learn that Henry wasn't the first little boy that made Regina a little obsessive.  There was a boy camping in the woods outside of Storybrooke with his dad the day she enacted the curse. They came to town after the storm, and she became enamored. This boy has grown up since he lost his father in Storybrooke because rightly, his dad wouldn't hand over his little son to Regina. He's returned and is once again the stranger in town. But we'll have more on that later.

Snow White is not feeling well on account of her part in the successful kill Cora plot from last week. Henry decides that magic is to blame for everyones woes. He steals some dynamite and tries to blow magic up (does anyone else think he might need to go back to counseling?) Regina stops him and for her troubles she gets ditched by the "Charming" crew - David, Emma, Henry and Gold.

Snow can't stand the guilt so she goes to Regina and begs her Evil step mom to end her suffering and kill her. I don't actually see Snow doing this, because it's the easy way out and it would hurt Emma, Charming and Henry pretty big, but that's what she did so OK.

Regina obliges and pulls Snow's heart out in typical Evil Queen heart-pulling fashion. Regina notices Snow's heart is blemished. It's growing a big black spot of evil.  Our Evil Queen doesn't need to kill Snow, because Snow is doing it all by herself. Regina puts Snow's heart back in her chest and leaves her with her guilt.

And who has this all on video tape? But our not so handsome stranger (at least compared to Hook is anyone handsome?)  He of course is vowing to find his Dad after all of these years. 

Is his dad still in Storybrooke? Will Regina find happiness? Will Snow figure out a way to heal her heart before it blackens?

Jamie Dornan returned this week as the sheriff, but alas, it was just a flashback. He's still dead. 

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