Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Become a Romance Hero

"We’ve read about reluctant rakes, notorious rakes, and even perfect rakes. But no matter how wicked (and such heroes are rarely anything less than wicked), a rake is not a boor." 
            - The Romance Hero Handbook, Laura K. Curtis

Criminal Element pal and writer, Laura K. Curtis, is running a how to series on her blog called The Romance Hero Handbook to help the average guy transform into the perfect romance novel hero. 

The second installment is called, "Be a Reformable Rake." It's funny and instructional.  

"But how can you, the Average Joe, the Man On The Street, tell whether you have the capacity to get out there and attract women? You don’t have fangs or a mansion in Crete, you’re not independently wealthy and you still have twenty-eight years left on your thirty year mortgage."
You'll just have to visit Laura's blog to get all the answers...

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