Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steampunk Watch Face Earrings

These hand made Steampunk earrings are relatively easy to make, although it does help to have some experience using the jewelry tools.  Here is everything you need to know to make your own pair of Steampunk earrings. 


1) Two antique watch faces (you can find these on eBay and some antique stores. I like it better when they are battered a bit and don't match the other one. You can also buy these new, but I don't think they are as fun.)

2) beads
3) earring hooks
4) silver wire
5) chain
6) six silver head pins 
7) glue ( I use Gorilla Glue)
8) jewelry making round nose pliers and cutters

For the beads I used Swaorvski crystals, I used the chain above but any chain will do.  The item to the far right is a head pin. You need six of these.

Step One:
Take your round nose pliers and make the small loop you see at the top of the earring and put a bead below, then make another loop. Make two of these, one for each earring. It will look like this...

This video is handy if you don't know how to make a wrapped loop:

Step Two:
Glue the bottom of one loop to the back of the watch face. Hold until it sets (be careful not to get glue on your fingers).

Step Three:

Cut chain to be the length you would like for the two pieces that hang down from the watch simulating the weights. Take your silver pin and attach the beads to the ends of each chain as desired. You will need two of these as well. 

Step Four:

Take a silver pin and string a bead throughput the end of the pin in the hole in the middle of the watch face. Make a loop on the back side of the watch but before you close it add the beaded chain that you made in the previous step.

Step Five:

Take the earring hooks and open then at the bottom. Attach the loop above the bead (you made this in step one) to the earring hook.

And you are done. Depending on how fast you are with the jewelry making tools this can be as fast as fifteen minutes and they make a great gift. 

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