Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Oscars: Red Carpet Candids

Daniel Day Lewis looks like such a nice guy. And Lincoln is such a great film. 

Emily Fox was on the bleachers at the Oscars' red carpet and has graciously shared two blog posts already. She had so many fabulous photos, I just had to run a candid shot post of our big favorites. These photos are intentionally not cropped so you can see the mayhem around these celebrities. 

Jennifer Garner, a favorite since ALIAS.

Jennifer Garner has been a great advocate for the early education programs for Save the Children. You can learn more about her work with them here and you can also donate to Save the Children. What a great organization.  So glad she is helping them. 

Ben Affleck catching up with Sandra Bullock. Do they talk about how surreal this all is? And where is Ben pointing? 
George and Ben. Awesome. 

Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck...

Richard Gere - What's your dream? 

John Stamos looking handsome as ever. 

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