Monday, May 6, 2013

Gifts for The Hard to Buy for Mystery Fan

Today's guest post is from Kim Hammond...

 As an avid reader, I can always tell you that books are always appreciated, but I also like to give something unique to spice things up. Here are a few items I have either gifted to a mystery reader friend or purchased for myself (or both). You may want to start your own wish list and can probably find some of these on Amazon too.

Last year I was involved with putting on a national mystery convention and I needed some gifts for volunteers. Being from Cleveland, I immediately thought of the crime scene scarves so handy in winter climates. I hopped on the computer, pulled up google, and viola:

I must have spent an hour at their website checking everything out. I found the crime scene scarf right away and fell in love. 
Then I came across the crime scene lanyard ID badge holder. I added 5 to my cart for myself and my friends that were attending the conference with me. We got stopped throughout the entire 4 day conference by people asking where we got the lanyards.

I also purchased varying sizes of evidence bags, both paper and plastic. What better way to wrap a mystery or murder related gift for that special someone.

They even sell crime scene tape. I really don’t have a need for it, but my sister hosts a murder mystery party every year and she loves crime scene tape. You could also buy a roll and use it as ribbon on a present or if you’re crafty use it to make a bow. The possibilities are endless.

Then I hit the motherlode of all gifts, a plethora of murder and mayhem items, the Crime Scene gift bundle for $35.00.

This thoughtful gift includes:
  • 100 feet of crime scene tape
  • Crime scene sticky tape
  • Pack of 25 crime scene bandages
  • Pack of "Spies and Secret Agents" Quiz Cards
  • Crime scene ID lanyard
  • Crime scene candy vials containing candy blood, urine, and saliva
  • Candy blood clots
  • Fingerprint chocolate candy enclosed in a gift tin 
  • Crime scene sandwich-bags
  • UV key chain light
  • Coffee mug
  • Toe tag and assorted evidence labels.
  • Paper evidence bags
  • CSI temporary tattoos and secret agent stickers

Personally, I would LOVE to receive something like this. It has a little bit of everything. Candy blood vials? How cool is that. Buy one for yourself, a friend, or as a giveaway for your mystery book club.


  1. Love these gift ideas. Especially the crime scene scarf.

  2. I have this scarf and get SO many comments on it. From flight attendants to the guy at the deli counter. Everyone should have one.

  3. WOW - who knew such a wide variety of cool stuff was available??? Time to go shopping! Great finds, Kim.

  4. Jonell GlitzensteinMay 6, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Candy bood clots. Couldn't possibly get any better.

  5. I get stopped all the time and asked about my scarf. People love it.

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  8. Lots of good holiday gift ideas here.