Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Art-O-Mat: Art Vending Machine

We came across this Art-O-Mat vending machine at the Armory showing of the incredible play Black Watch last weekend. It's a remade vintage cigarette machine that dispenses a tiny piece of "art" for the princely sum of $5. Based of what got, it's more arts and crafts than art, but still a lot of fun. The re-made vending machine is beautiful and colorful.  The had goodies ranging from "Vamp Earrings" to Waterbards (we still don't know what these are.) 

It turns out Art-O-Mat is a company based in North Carolina and these machines are found in different places all over the country. Out only complaint was so many of the artists in this machine were sold out. Ok, and we want to know what Waterbards are. Google can't even tell us. 

Now that we have Art-O-Mats, maybe we need Story-O-Mats. Put in $5 and you get a short story. It could work. 

Our $5 lavender monster.

Here you can see some of the other art options. 


  1. OMG this is so cool. I like the story idea. Maybe they need a used paperback machine too. That would be cool.

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