Monday, June 17, 2013

Decorating with Mystery Flair

Today's guest post is from Kim Hammond.

As I may have mentioned before in another post, one of my addictions is Etsy. I typically come across things accidentally while searching for something else. I previously purchased a Sherlock Holmes pendant from Natura Picta, but that’s not all they make. Take a look at these.

Each print is printed on a vintage dictionary page that could be in any language. The background is not always the same as the picture above. Each time they do a print they use another page from rare book of a different century, from 1600 to 1900. It sounds like they rescue damaged books and save the good pages to use in their craft. This is not only a one of a kind gift, but an amazing conversation piece.

Another addictive website is I can be on there for what seems like 10 minutes and when I look at the clock it has been over an hour. I can across a picture of a metal plate mounted to a wall and it was used as a floating book shelf. When 4-6 books were stacked you couldn’t see the metal plate anymore. I coveted this and I re-pinned it. That was 3 months ago and I finally came across these metal plates at

Here’s what a single and double shelf look like. What you can’t see is the underside of the bottom plate. There’s a notch on each side and when you slide the back cover of the bottom book over the plate the edge comes to rest on the notches and stays in place.

I found my shelves at The Container Store and I purchased the large size. When I got them home and picked out some of my coveted autographed books, I realized that the books weren’t wide enough to slide over the plate and reach the notches. My husband had to find me some of his old college text books to temporarily use until I can get to the used bookstore and look for some larger sized mystery books. So I recommend checking the dimensions because you may want to purchase a size smaller. Amazon also carries these.

So before you make that next birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah purchase for the avid reader in your life, take a look at these websites for something more one of a kind.


  1. These are great. I have the book shelves and I love them. The Sherlock prints are so fabulous as well.

  2. Hi Kim ;)
    Thank you very much for including our Sherlock dictionary prints in your fantastic post !!!
    We love it !!!