Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Have a More Successful Personality

Joe Bonomo came from the same family that made the taffy.

Last year I did a post on one of my favorite little grocery store book series from the 1950s, Joe Bonomo's Handy Pocket Manuals, featuring How to Be A More Popular Hostess. But Joe Bonomo didn't stop his tiny self-help manuals there, so why should you? 

Otherwise how would you know Bonomo's Seven Success Secrets: Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Courtesy, Friendliness, Initiative, Memory and Persistence as outlined in his fan favorite, How To Develop A More Successful Personality?

Good thing scanning skills aren't on the success list.
You may know that Joe Bonomo was a famous body builder of the time and also acted as a stunt double in some Hollywood movies. He also had the recipe for a "Winning & Magnetic You."  These little guides, essentially magazine articles that promise the answers to all of your problems in easy steps are pretty funny to read now. 

All a 50s housewife had to do was buy the pocket manual and follow the easy steps to popularity.  Don't forget to look up!

Here he provides handy secrets on how to tune into power, which as every knows you can get at the grocery store for 25c:

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