Friday, October 18, 2013

Favorite Autographed Books: Happy Birthday from Elizabeth George

Almost all book lovers I know have a wonderful secret hoard of autographed books. So this fall we are featuring a series of guest blogs about those books and the stories behind them. Today our secret autograph guest post is from Nancy Keith Kelly, a marketing guru in the Silicon Valley. 

My mom was the one who introduced me to the wonderful books written Elizabeth George, featuring Inspector Thomas Lynley and Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers. We both shared a love of mystery and thriller novels and also the physical books themselves. If I found one I loved, I couldn't wait to send it to her. But she was the one who found Elizabeth George.  

The first George book I read was Missing Joseph. I was hooked instantly. I kept reading and reading. My mom knew I loved hardback books. For my birthday in 1997, Deception on His Mind arrived by mail with the most wonderful inscription:

To Nancy -
Happy Birthday from your mom and the author. 

It was such a surprise.

My favorite part of the story is as the inscription was being written, Elizabeth asked my mom where I lived. When she told her, she smiled and as it turns out, she grew up in the same city where I now live as an adult.  It's just insanely cool. It is a very special birthday present that I will always treasure.  


  1. What a wonderful story. Thanks for a great post Nancy.

  2. What a wonderful surprise. Elizabeth George is a classy lady and a fabulous author. Thanks for sharing.