Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Library & Book Inspired Purses from Kate Spade

Kate Spade's new fall line includes a few library and book inspired items that are just great. Above we have a library card catalogue shopper and below is a redesigned book cover for The Portrait of a Lady clutch. Love the colors. 

Here's a handbag modeled after a card catalogue drawer. You can switch out the name in the card catalogue, currently Austin - Bronte, for any author names you would like. 

Love this library card iPhone case.

The handle on this little clutch is precious. 

You can find more book inspired handbags here


  1. I would be the envy of all my fellow librarians if I had only ONE of these. The trouble would be in actually selecting which one....and of course affording it! **LOVE**

  2. Oh my Gosh! The handbags are looking so stylish and feminine I must say. Though, all the bags are amazing, but I love that lather handbag the most. It seems so handy and comfortable. I really like the concept of switching the name in the card catalogue. I wish I could have the same handbag.

  3. Just amazing!!!!! These designs are specific and i am such a lot enamored withe these handbags. i do not know why but I'm having imagination of various cartoon characters in these bags and i am such a lot liking it. I'm always probing for new design bags, I'm so glad that I've found your post. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. I love all of these bags, I want them all.

  5. These bags are so great.

  6. Would absolutely love one of these great conversation starter purses.