Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Playground: Project Gutenberg

Allan Pinkerson's "true" stories from his detective work

I love all kinds of old books. I love the smell, the touch, the feel, the look. I also like to read them, but sometimes beautiful old books crumble when you open it up and turn a page, much less hold them for hours. And sometimes you just can't find a particular book when you need it, even when combing the state-wide library system.  

From Allan Pinkerton's book, the Somnambulist and the Detective. Somnambulist means sleep walker. 
That's where Project Gutenberg comes in. Named after Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press in Europe, the site has more than 42,000 free e-books available on their website, ready for immediate download. 

Interested in reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original works featuring Sherlock Holmes? Here they are.  The works of Edgar Allen Poe? Right here. What about Detective Allan Pinkerton's "true" detective stories? No problem. What about the Book of Cats by Charles Ross? I had never heard of it either, but it's a fun book for cat lovers.

Free e-books abound on the Project Gutenberg website, because the copyright has expired in the United States. The site does ask that you make a small donation to help the site keep running. The books are uploaded and proof-read by volunteers. Some are even in audio book and many have wonderful illustrations. It's a fun site to check out. 

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