Sunday, November 10, 2013

Book Review: Killer Image by Wendy Tyson

Kerry Hammond reviews Killer Image by Wendy Tyson.

Killer Image, an Allison Campbell mystery, by Wendy TysonKiller Image by Wendy Tyson is the first novel in a new mystery series featuring Allison Campbell, an image consultant in Philadelphia.
This is a brand new series with a unique protagonist. Allison Campbell is an image consultant who meets with clients to help them improve their images for various reasons. Some clients are divorcees who want a sort of self makeover post-divorce, others are people in high-profile jobs who want to work on portraying themselves in the best possible light. Alison has reworked her own image in the past (there’s backstory here) and is therefore extremely qualified to run her own business and help others.
When a pushy politician with White House ambitions and his pushover wife hire her to help their teenage, Goth-loving daughter, Allison has left her comfort zone. She has a rule that she won’t work with kids, but when she meets Maggie she feels compelled to help her, no matter how contrary—and let’s face it, troubled—the child seems to be.
Allison stepped inside. She looked around for a place to sit. A chair, painted black, sat next to a desk, painted black, but books and papers were stacked on its seat. The room looked surprisingly neat. It was smaller than Allison would have expected, but other than the stack of books, orderly. A black dresser sat against the wall between two windows. On its surface stood candles, a dozen or so bottles of various sizes, and an incense holder. A computer had been placed on the desk amid neat piles of books and papers and what looked like a strobe light, its silvery fish scales reflecting the narrow black curtains. Another stack of books tilted precariously next to the bed.

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