Monday, November 25, 2013

Major Crimes' James Duff Answers Questions

Major Crimes is back for the second half of their season and tonight Executive Producer and Co-Creator, James A. Duff, returned to Facebook to answer questions. 

Major things we learned: Jon Tenney will return this season as FBI Special Agent Fritz Howard, but Brenda will not come back this year. Oh, and he dropped one hint about Sharon and Andy. 

The recap is below with only James Duff's answers. You can see the whole discourse on the Major Crimes Facebook Page

James Duff:  Jon Tenney is coming back this season as Special Agent Fritz Howard. Kyra is not coming back this year.

James Duff: Arlene@ you say don't make Rusty gay like that's a bad thing! Don't quite know how to respond to that!

James Duff: @Evelyn David I would love for the detectives from Major Crimes to go on a road trip. We did that at the end of Season Three of The Closer and it was a lot of fun.

James Duff: Yes, you will meet the letter writer this winter 

James Duff: @CathyC Unfortunately, the ordeal of the witness - and underrepresented drama inside our justice system - requires so much from people who try to do the right thing that I am reluctant to put an artificial end to this story. But Rusty will testify before the season is over...

James Duff: For those of you asking if Rusty will be staying with Sharon, please stay tuned to tonight's episode!

James Duff: For all those people who have posted how much they love the show, I can only say we love you back, and are grateful for your support !

James Duff: Mary Ann, we already have an openly gay character on the show! Dr. Morales has been out from the beginning! And he's also an immigrant! So, in terms of Los Angeles, very representative of our diverse demographic.

James Duff: @Dana, Rusty does humanize the cast, and demands some humanity from the audience as well. Justice has a price. And the weaker, more vulnerable members of our society always pay more of the burden.

James Duff: @Arron, it takes a great deal of time to write, produce and post these episodes. We like to run all of ours in a row, without interruption. There is a limit to how far in advance we can start prepping. So we go as far as we can until we run out of time to finish more episodes, and then we take off long enough to where we can run a lot more episodes in a row. Does that make sense?

James Duff:  To those of you suggesting the DDA must lighten up, you may see a slightly different turn from Emma Rios as she goes forward. But remember. Her job is not to help the police but to make sure we have a conviction.

James Duff: Just have to pause and say how wonderful Mary McDonnell is in this episode! And her best scenes are yet to come!

James Duff In re to tonight's episode, Det. Sykes carries a lot of the show! Love her!

James Duff: Just want to say, I love Brenda, too, and Kyra is a great and wonderful friend. No one misses her more than I do! But Brenda works somewhere else! Maybe she will be by next year. We will see.

James Duff @Aunt She'lee, it's hard to know what story lines wouldn't be addressed, because the justice system deals with all kinds of murders, but there is a limit to how dark I am willing to go. We bump up against that in the eight episodes we do this winter.

James Duff: @Jen Lynn, Raymond Cruz is one of my best friends, as well as a terrific actor, so don't worry about losing him!

James Duff: I love Raymond Cruz, too, and yellow everyone! Let me start by welcoming everyone to our winter premiere! I' watching and I hope you are, too. Also, a special thanks to Chris Wood, who just appeared in the repeat of our Summer finale!

James Duff: Those of you who are asking about Sharon and Andy, let me say that a performance of the Nutcracker has a part in their future.

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