Monday, December 16, 2013

Major Crimes Facebook Chat, Christmas Sweaters & Birthdays

Co-Creator of Major Crimes and The Closer, James Duff joined fans of the show again for a Facebook chat. Tonight we learned that Jon Tenney (Special Agent Fritz Howard) and Kearran Giovanni have the same birthday and it’s today. 

Mary McDonnell’s sister, Sally, stopped by the chat very briefly to say hi.  And Rusty will soon meet the letter writer over a game of chess.  

James said he will be back next week for another Facebook chat before next week’s show where he promises a little holidays and a lot of murder. 

The most fun question from a fan on these chats so far comes from Alex W. Asking if Major Crimes was a fruit, what fruit would it be. Kudos to James Duff for answering the question…

James Duff @Alex W, I don't think I could compare Major Crimes to any fruit specifically, but I could say that there are lots and lots and lots of different kinds of mangos. And you either like mangos or you don't. Not a lot of in between opinions on Mangos.

Sally McDonnell Taylert Hi James xoxo from Sally - Mary's sister

James Duff @Sally M., how nice of you to pop in and join us for the chat! Mary has some great stuff in this episode. Especially if you're the type who thinks people can never have enough angels.

Carmen K Does Flynn have a thing for the Captain and just hasn't realised it yet?

James Duff @Carmen K., Flynn might like the Captain more than he realizes, but I'm not sure Provenza is going to be up for them dating.

James Duff @Kay K, Jon Tenney reappears as Fritz Howard in next week's episode. Also, he directed the one you'll be watching tonight! Also, it's Jon's Birthday as well as Kearran's!

James Duff Kim B we try to add a little humor because the place we go is so dark; we need a little light to get us there

Alex W Where do you write the scripts at?

James Duff @Alex W, We "break" the stories in the writer's room, which takes about eight days per story, and then we take about twenty-one days to write them, which we can do anywhere!

James Duff @Amber Lawrence, there are new characters coming at you through the rest of this season, and some of them are coming back!

James Duff @Laurel R Actually, this is pretty close to what the police have to do on a regular basis. And your holidays can be cancelled on a moment's notice. Also, if you are a detective working homicides and you pick up a murder, it's usually your investigation.

James Duff @Cynithia C. notes that Amy Sykes has become a good addition to our cast. I couldn't agree more. And it's her birthday today! And she didn't tell me! I had to come on Facebook to see it!

James Duff I always think showing death notifications are good for people to see. We ask a lot of our police officers, and they delay the inevitable like cops do, because it's important to get as much information from family members as possible before sending them into the natural tail spin.

James Duff @Leann C, asks if the letter writer threatening Rusty is someone he knows. No! But it is someone he's going to meet. Face to face. Over a game of chess....

James Duff Yes, that is the same sweater Buzz used to wear during Christmas eps of The Closer! We saved it! Phillip Keene always looks at it and sighs before putting it on!

James Duff Jon Tenney wanted to be here with me tonight, chatting with all of you, but it's his birthday!

James Duff Maurice Lauher notes that Buzz is having a very bad day. Those who watch The Closer are probably aware that Buzz is a big Christmas person. Having to come in on the holiday is major for him. And Phillip Keene the actor hates that sweater! It's fun to watch him look at it.

James Duff Leanne Anderson asks where Rusty learned to play chess. He had two years, apparently, when he had a somewhat normal school experience. We always say that a kind teacher noticed he was smart and taught Rusty the game, and that Rusty fled inside Chess to escape his troubles and to focus his mind. He's a very smart kid, especially considering what he's had to contend with.

James Duff Rusty might need a more intensive round of therapy than he's up for just yet. For now, Bill Brochtrup has his hands full as Dr. Joe!

James Duff @Tamy S, I became a writer after failing at everything else! Well, I was a good bartender, I think. But I hated stocking the beer box!

James Duff Flynn and Provenza stick close to the script, but we stick close to their characterizations, so it's a two way street.

James Duff @Derba M, Rusty's mother could still come back! We are discussing adoption options. By the way, I'm adopted! So it can work out for the kid!

James Duff No plans to do The Closer: The Movie with the original cast, but we are really enjoying our spin off. Major Crimes has been a great experience for all of us, because as a working family -crew, actors and producers - we still love this experience.

James Duff @Daine L, The person writing threatening letters will appear in our last two episodes this year, right before Rusty takes the stand against Philip Stroh

James Duff @Regina E, Provenza is a lot of fun to write for. And G W Bailey, who is one of my oldest friends (forty-two years and counting), plays him brilliantly.

James Duff Sharon's kids, for those who are asking, are likely to appear next season. Oh, she's going to have a stormy family life next year! And just as she got everything perfectly organized!!!!

James Duff Rusty may not be happy, but he's positive. And he needs a little help sorting it all out. He's about to get it right after this commercial. And in a Major Way!

James Duff I would add that knowing who you are is different from accepting who you are and working things out from there. Rusty has a lot to face up to over the next few weeks. But what I like about this character is that he gets back up the next day and fights it out, trying to find his way, want a better life.

James Duff @Brenda C asks if Rusty will ever be happy. I have yet to meet a truly happy seventeen-year-old-teenage boy. But I think he will eventually be eighteen. And that the period during which he knows everything is coming swiftly to an end.

James Duff @Jan. M, who wants to see Buzz's sister again, and likes the dark episodes and the light ones, we try to alternate them, because murders don't always look alike to the police.

James Duff And we want to bring Buzz's sister back, too! She's a great actor and a lot of fun to work with!

Jon Tenney (Special Agent Fritz Howard) directed tonight's episode of Major Crimes. He talks about that experience as do other cast members in the video below. 

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