Monday, December 9, 2013

Major Crimes Facebook Chat with James Duff and Leo Geter

Tonight Major Crimes and The Closer Co-Creator James Duff returned to Facebook to answer questions from fans, this time with fellow writer Leo Geter. Tonight Duff answered a ton of questions. I’ve recapped the ones below that make sense without the questions.

We only have two more episodes this season and it seems like the friendship between Flynn and Sharon is heating up. Next week we’ll have a Flynn and Provenza focused episode. And even more good news -- Major Crimes has been renewed for a third season and will return next summer. Here's the recap...

James Duff: I'm here with Leo Geter, one of our most gifted writers, and we'll be answering questions for you tonight.

James Duff: Chris L. I can't answer the question about favorite episodes without needlessly offending people, but I can say last year, I most definitely felt partial to Boys Will Be Boys and Poster Boy, which Leo wrote.

James Duff:  Det. Mike Bercehm marks his third time producing a Major Crimes episode tonight. Impossible to imagine the show without him Leo points out that Mike makes everything better.

James Duff: And we are trying to put together some episodes where you meet the rest of Sharon's family next year.

James Duff: Kellie M. who wants to know if any of our characters will appear to be going down the wrong path in future episodes. All I can say is that misdirection is a classic technique within the genre. And that since all have them have, at one time or another, gone down the wrong path, they are likely to do that again.

James Duff: Flynn really identifies with the husband who didn't live up to his family's expectations

James Duff: Cindy C. it's kind of sad to think that most of Rusty's childhood is already over.

James Duff: People may not notice it so overtly, but Sharon and Rusty are both chess players in their own way. Sharon is always thinking about how to trap the criminal, and tries to be a few moves ahead. Rusty believes he thinks ahead. But does he?

James Duff: Jon Tenney returns next week as a director and then the week after that as Fritz Howard. We also have him in our finale!

James Duff @Debbie J, who asks if I have a favorite character? Leo and I both agree we would be better off killing ourselves than answering this question.

James Duff @Ronnie L, We've actually discussed a law firm show with some of the attorneys we've had on both shows, and Mark P. and Tom B. are both geniuses.

James Duff: Provenza definitely isn't into the idea of Flynn spending time out of the office with Sharon.

James Duff: Mary and GW have developed a great chemistry. And Graham has great chemistry with both of them.

James Duff: Leo loved Buzz running up the stairs and the way the college roommate checked out Emma as she left the room.

James Duff: @Melissa W, yes, we have left in Provenza's money jar and look: we have a Flynn and Provenza episode coming up next week. It is not the comic romp we usually have, but it begins a little lighter in tone. Tonight's episode has a bit of a lighter air.

James Duff: Mona T next year we'll be diving a lot more into the other characters.
James Duff: Leo wants to point out that our Christmas decorations are mostly the same every year. We store them just like we would at home.

James Duff: Criminals are not always geniuses.

James Duff: @Samantah R. reminds us that Sharon can hold a grudge. She can. But her grudges are usually more notes on how people have misused the justices system.

James Duff: Julio Sanches lies to suspects and witnesses more than anyone else.

James Duff: @Leo Geter, by the way, has been working on The Closer and Major Crimes for over six years now! Though he says it feels much longer.

James Duff: Denine B, we try to write our episodes several months in advance of shooting them, or, rather we begin them several months before shooting them and finish at least eight days before production begins. But an outline is usually ready before that.

James Duff: Having said that, the actors sometimes come up with good ideas right before the cameras roll, and we'd be dumb not to listen to them!

James Duff: @Teresa Ann P. who asks if the actors have any say in their dialogue. Leo says, "They are welcome to discuss their dialogue, depending on when they bring up their questions. Everything is up for grabs until the day we start shooting, when we try very hard to keep to the script.

James Duff: @Lois, who asks if we are going to take Rusty off the show, I can only say that he is in a lot of danger right now, and that it's never easy being a witness.

James Duff: @Tawana B, Buzz is not married. He wears his father's wedding ring. You will find out a little bit more about that the week after next.

James Duff: Margie G, we come up with the character's personalities in collaboration with the actors. But Leo mentions we also spend a lot of time in the writer's room to figuring out character and how to grow it!

James Duff: Of course, if Tom Berenger is available when we shoot next year, we'd be crazy not to have him back! He's such a terrific actor!

James Duff: I don't want people to think I'm making fun of people who go to the country club. But I've never been asked to join one, either...

James Duff: @Evelyn D, who asks if we keep a bible for each character, Leo says he can't get the characters out of his head enough as it is.

James Duff: @Cyndi Z, adoption of Rusty will be in the mix!

James Duff: Leo, who has not seen this episode before, doesn't actually know how it ends! I think he was working on the summer finale when it was broken!

James Duff: @Vanessa A., Sharon has a lot of action in our last two episodes. She does it all.

James Duff: This episode was directed by the genius Anthony Hemmingway, who also directed Boys Will be Boys.

James Duff: @Leo Geter says he will be personally overseeing the development of all love interests next season!

James Duff: Laurel Roy, I think it's necessary for Flynn and Provenza to have another comic episode. But I have to check with Leo.

James Duff: And thank you all for staying with us through cast and name changes as we start our tenth year solving murders in Los Angeles.

James Duff To all those who are asking about a new season, we have already been picked up for next summer!

James Duff: @Diane Martin, you will not only find out the writer of the letters this season, you will meet him. And so will Rusty.

James Duff: @Katrina, Amy will have even more options for romance. Maybe she will pick up on one. Three weeks from now, in Leo's next episode, Amy seems to get close to Malcom-Jaamal Warner.

James Duff: @Kris J. I'm conferring with Leo on what the hardest part of the writing process. I think it's probably how I have to sit in front of the keyboard and keep my back straight. Leo says it's me.

James Duff: @Beth, stay tuned to our season to find out what Rusty's stalker does. It's pretty interesting!

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