Friday, December 20, 2013

TARDIS: English Police Box Everything

You can get your own TARDIS dress on Etsy. 

Even before I saw Dr. Who and knew about the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) time machine, I loved the look of English police call boxes and telephone booths. They're just pretty. Lately I've seen English police call boxes on everything from cell phone cases to dresses, so I thought I'd share. Links to get your own can be found in the caption below the photos. 

Found here

Who doesn't need a TARDIS purse?
Christmas ornament

And for the girl who has everything, the TARDIS shoe. I couldn't find where to buy these. If you know, post it in the comments. You might just have to make a pair. 


  1. I love the Police boxes too, even though I'm not a Doctor Who fan. I love the dress & shoes!! Please someone post where they can be purchased.

    1. All of the links to get the items are right below the captions.

  2. Love these. I have a cell phone. Case but mine also says 221 Baker Street in honor of Sherlock. I bought it on Amazon. I'd love the ornament.