Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Antique Book Themed Furniture

I recently ran across an amazing antique resale shop online filled with wonderful book themed furniture, among many, many other things. While my house features more copies from Home Goods or estate sales than antiques, it's fun to look at these beautiful works of art. 

Above you see an early 19th century book box lamp. The books are made of leather and this lamp has an asking price of $1500.

Here are two early 19th century backgammon boards hidden inside leather book covers. Complete with pieces, these boards from England are marked $1200. It's not clear if that's the price for both boards or just one.

Here's a fun little late-19th century side table made from three real antique books. and you can actually open the books. This table goes for $6000. 

Here's a mid-19th century mahogany revolving book case. The faux books are made of wood are leather. This book case retails for $16,500.

Here's a close up of the books on top...


  1. If money was no option I'd take one of everything.

    1. I'll be doing a post on copies of items like these in the next month. Of course, I own the copies...

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  3. Antique book themed furniture simply fabulous! Great!