Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Hardy Boys Detective Handbook

One of the reasons I grew up loving Nancy Drew was that even though she is a girl, she gets to solve mysteries for the most part without any help, except for occasional aid from Bess and George and even more occasional aid from Ned and his friends. 

And now I find this detective handbook for the Hardy Boys that was produced not only by the Franklin W. Dixon ghost writer, but also an FBI agent (first printing 1959, second 1972). Although this is a really interesting book, I am annoyed that there was no Nancy Drew Detective Handbook during that time with real investigative techniques or anything close. Nancy would have been more than up to the job back then. When the series was first conceived and written, Nancy even carried a gun. She wouldn't have shied away from forensics or police procedure.  Good thing our intrepid detective is making up for that now. 

Still it is a cool books for kids and there's nothing to prevent girls from reading The Hardy Boy Detective Handbook.

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  1. I loved Nancy and the boys and especially the t.v. shows. I have the first season on DVD with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson.