Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crafty Thursdays: Book Page Bow

On the heels of making her fabulous book page wreaths, Kerry Hammond is back to help us make these fabulous book page bows and ribbons...

I’m sick of wrapping gifts in plain old store bought paper. Since I had leftover book pages from making my Book Wreaths, I decided to use them for another project.  These bows are not only easy to make, but they look great on gifts. You only need a few items to get started:

A couple of pages cut out of a book
Scissors or paper cutter
Glue gun

Step One: Cut Strips
I used strips about 1 inch wide.  For the bow I am making, I need:

Six strips that are 7 inches long
Four strips that are 6 inches long
Two strips that are 4 inches long
One strip that is 3 inches long

Step Two: Twist & Staple
Take two strips that are the same length and twist each so that the ends overlap. When you have one in each hand, join them in the middle and staple. You can overlap more or less to make the bow bigger or smaller. Twist each pair of strips this way and for the smallest strip, make a circle and glue.

Step Three: Glue Layers

Starting with the largest loop on the bottom, put a drop of glue in the middle and set the next loop on top, slightly turned so loop parts are next to each other rather than overlapping.

Step Four: Center Loop
When all of your loops are stacked and glued, glue the center loop right on top to finish the bow.

Step Five: Add to Gift
I like to use these bows on brown paper and I use page strips as ribbon. 


  1. Love this use for old book pages. Next time I pass along a book, it will be gift wrapped with a book bow. Just sent out a bunch, but it won't be long before I have more ready to share.

  2. This is awesome and I expect to see one on my next presentl

  3. These look so fun. You could totally make them out of magazines too. Thanks for a great post Kerry.

  4. I have the same papercutter! I probably got it in the scrapbooking aisle of Walmart.