Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Discovering New Authors

One of the many reasons I attend mystery conventions is to discover new authors. At the recent Left Coast Crime Convention in Monterey, there was a new author breakfast where more than 40 first time authors were given one minute each to get up on stage an pitch their books. In sixty seconds each author had to summarize a book that probably took more than a year to write. It's a challenge to be sure.

Because I can't even begin to provide descriptions all of the books, I've chosen a very few here in the hopes that we can all find some new authors to read. So here they are:

Kilmoon by Lisa Alber:

The brutal game began among the ruins of Kilmoon Church … 

Desperate to mend her troubled past, Californian Merrit Chase travels to Ireland to meet her father, Liam, a celebrated matchmaker. While tourists gather for the annual matchmaking festival, Merrit battles the anxiety and guilt that have plagued her since the death of her mother.

Like her mother before her, Merrit becomes ensnared in a web of betrayal and hatred that she must unravel if she’s ever going to find peace. Why has Merrit’s arrival triggered a rising tide of violence that includes murder? Most of all, what lurks beneath Liam’s charismatic smile?

As Merrit circles ever closer to the truth that emanates from Kilmoon’s grounds, she discovers just how far she and others will go to get what they want. The truth isn’t what it seems, and only her father understands how vengeance can strike from beyond the grave.

Absence of Mercy by John Burley:

Wintersville, Ohio is a small midwestern town much like any other—a place where neighbors feel more like family, where the chief of police knows the residents by first name, and where the sound of children’s laughter echoes along neighborhood streets as the evening sun settles upon the horizon.  But when a brutally murdered teenager is discovered in the suburban woods not far from his own home, pathologist Ben Stevenson becomes enmeshed in an investigation that forces him to weigh his professional obligations against the safety of his family, to explore the secrets of the quiet community in which he lives, and to ultimately confront a truth that will haunt him forever.

Fragmented by former FBI agent, George Fong:

FBI Special Agent Jack Paris didn’t know why Alvin Cooper killed his own family five years ago. He just knew he did it. After being convicted of the murders and serving five years in prison, Cooper escapes. A day after, a bank manager reports to the Chico Police Department his wife was killed and their 17 year old daughter is missing. Agent Paris is called to investigate, gathering evidence from the crime scene at the bank manager’s home. Suddenly, past memories of the Cooper investigation surfaces, making Paris realize the two events may be connected. He fears his escaped murderer is back to killing.

George Fong, author of Fragmented

Eternally 21 by Linda Hull (pictured at the top of the post):

When Maddie Michael’s husband, Mr. Frank Finance, loses all their money in a Ponzi scheme, Maddie must do her best to prevent Frank’s TV show from going belly up. To maintain the appearance that everything is financially fine, Maddie secretly sets up a bargain hunter’s website that goes viral — making Mrs. Frugalicious a huge hit and bringing in much needed cash.

While researching “frugasm”-worthy deals at the local mall, Maddie is mistakenly accused of shoplifting by Eternally 21 manager Laila DeSimone. Her bad day gets worse when Laila drops dead. Universally disliked Laila has a murder suspect list longer than Maddie’s bargain spreadsheets, but when evidence points to Maddie as the prime suspect, she must find the real killer before the police throw away her “get out of jail free” coupon.

Photos of Linda Hull and George Fong by Darrell Hoemann Photography


  1. That's the danger of attending these conferences, adding to your already tipping TBR pile :)

  2. I just put Kilmoon on my wish list.These other books look fantastic. All very different. All very interesting.