Sunday, March 16, 2014

Once Upon A Time: Witch Hunt

This week's episode started with the green skinned Wicked Witch in Regina's castle and our intrepid friends left outside trying to figure out how to get past her defenses. 

Here's what we learned tonight:

1) Red hair clashes with green skin.

2) Winged monkeys are even worse that we thought. Don't get caught by one, or else you may become one of them.

3) Regina has more enthusiasm when she has a nemesis. 

Let's start with the winged monkeys, shall we?

The witch's monkeys are very active and like real monkeys, they are hostile and obnoxious. The first attack of the evening was against Robin Hood's little boy. Which gave Regina the chance to turn the beast into a little stuffed animal for the boy. (You have to wonder if Regina remembers this man as the one Tinkerbelle told her was her true love. She doesn't seem to show it if she does.)

This part of the story doesn't last long. We are quickly time traveled forward back to Storybrooke where people are disappearing and Mary Margaret is preggers.

It doesn't take too long to see that the evil monkeys are at work here, at least as kidnappers, as they fly Robin's famous side kick, Little John, up, up and away.

The townspeople are angry and they are convinced that Regina's to blame for the monkeys and everything else. Emma jumps on the 'Regina is guilty' band wagon. 

But we know that the network spent way too much money on green make up for this to be true. And it turns out that this was all part of Emma and Regina's plan...

And back we go in time to the enchanted kingdom for a little quality Evil Queen/Forest Thief time with Regina and Robin. They go under the castle in a secret tunnel to get into the castle. The door that was sealed by blood magic that only Regina can open is open before she gets there. Whoopsy.

They foolishly go inside for more back story.

Meanwhile back at Granny's in Storybrooke Mary Margaret is reading up on pregnancy and the Wicked Witch shows up, minus the green skin, claiming to be a mid-wife.

How convenient.

Mary Margaret makes fast friends with her. All too fast.

Hook and Robin find Little John. He's injured badly and bleeding.

We flash back to the Evil Queen's castle still held by the Wicked Witch. Regina is making a potion and Robin doesn't like it. She tells him she's making a sleeping potion for herself because she is in so much pain. Robin wants to stop her, but she paralyzes his feet so he can't. They talk. They bond. She tells him the spell can be broken by her one true love, her son Henry. Hmmmm.

We flash forward to Storybrooke. Emma and Regina are in Snape's potions lab trying to remake memory potions. The potion doesn't work. They decide to tell everyone it does -- in hopes they can smoke out the villain who cursed them.

Still in Storybrooke, Little John turns into a Winged Monkey at the hospital under the care of the esteemed Dr. Frankenstein. Hard to believe that they still let Frankenstein practice medicine...every in a fairy tale.

Emma and Regina set a trap, also with aforementioned 'blood Magic'. The evil doer escapes in a puff of green smoke. Clearly the Wicked Witch is related to Regina. We can see it even if she can't.

Back in the enchanted forest under the castle, Regina keeps her promise and removes the protection spell. Charming's army starts moving in for the "Charm Attack."

Regina attempts to administer the sleeping potion when her royal greenness shows up for a little confrontation. 

And green confirms our relative theory. They are evil half-sisters. And, Regina better be on the look out for falling houses...Green is older, and somewhat annoyed because Cora gave her up for adoption... and now she's on a vendetta to get revenge. And that's how the curse was recast.

This brings us to Regina's best quote of the show, "Go ahead, Greeny. Bring it."

Regina finds new life in having a nemesis again.

The show ends in Storybrooke with Emma helping Regina make nice with Henry. And the Wicked Witch feeding a prisoner in a cell...good old Rumple...Alive and well. And if this scene is any indication, he's much more like Rumplestiltskin of old than Mr. Gold ever was.

The preview promised more Rumple next week and a visit from Rapunzel.

I like this better than Neverland. What do you think? 

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