Friday, March 7, 2014

TV Theme Songs: Workout Edition

It's time for our monthly tidbit of crime fiction show theme songs and since it's pretty wintery out there, I thought we'd go with the workout edition. Let's start with the zippy theme song from ALIAS, which also has to be one of the shortest theme songs ever. Still when I put this on my half-marathon playlist a few times it always peps me up, even later in the race...

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I probably shouldn't admit this, but here goes. I have the theme song to the old Wonder Woman TV show on my half-marathon playlist. Granted, the version I use is a little zippier than the one in the video below. You can find it here: the Super Heroes Invasion. While technically this show wasn't crime fiction, both Wonder Woman and her alter ego, Diana Prince, do fight crime. 

Next we have theme song from Hawaii 5.0 from THE VENTURES. The video below is from the original shows from the 60s but today's version will do just as well. 

This is more of a warm up theme song, but it is also energizing, it's the theme song from the tongue in cheek, geek chic, spy show, CHUCK: Cake's Short Skirt/Long Jacket. Cake's regular version on iTunes is better to work out to, which is good because it's easier to get.  

Do you have any TV theme songs on your workout list? Come on, you can tell me...

We'll have more TV theme songs next month...


  1. Love all of these, especially Wonder Woman.

  2. The opening theme to CBS's Elementary is 30 seconds long, perfect for high-intensity reps.