Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crafty Thursdays: Book Page Photo Frame

We're back with Crafty Thursdays and this time the crafting group decided to try to make book page frames. Since real frames can be expensive and this was an experiment, we decided to practice with the $1 Michaels versions with no glass. These $1 frames are also great for kids projects (although it may be we are really just big kids...). 

Pat took the design lead tearing out quotes and chapter headings from damaged books. We made two frames and we're only giving away one of them, so scroll down to the end to comment if you'd like to get in on that one. 


Here are the materials we used:

- Michaels $1 frame
- Mod Podge
- Book pages from damaged books
- Old maps and toy cars
- Sponge brush
- Sealant spray

Step One:
Tear around the quotes or chapters headings or photos you'd like to use. You can cut them as well but I prefer the torn look. Then arrange them as you like on the frame.

Step Two:
Get out the Mod Podge and your sponge brush and get to work. When you're done let it dry and apply one more coat.  

Step Three:
Wait until it dries. Then we took highlighter and red marker to highlight some favorite phrases. Then we sprayed it with sealant.

We used the same technique on with maps and put a little toy car on the frame after the sealant was put on. And you're done!  
the little car is a cute touch

We're giving away the book page version (below) of the frame to one lucky commenter based in the US. The map frame is not being given away because it is being sent to the Portland Office of Mystery Playground.


  1. I love making crafts with book pages and these frames look great.

  2. This is a lovely frame which I would give as a gift to my sister who appreciates art.

  3. I will keep buying wine, but the frame I can make. Another great craft idea!

  4. This is brilliant and would look fab with a group shot from Bouchercon in it!

  5. What an original craft and ideal for my den. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com